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Poker Play Chips is a site to sell and buy PokerStars Play Money. PokerStars Play Chips are the most fun and the site is the easiest to play on. Regulated and Licensed by the British government, they meet all laws within the International community of countries. They meet all international money laundering laws, and comply with each counties banking laws. Buy PokerStars Chips HERE.

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You are only given 1000 play chips 3 times an hour (Pokerstars Re-Buy feature), while this is nice, you really need to challenge the better players.

If you are going to learn how to win, you need to challenge the better players at the higher stakes games.

Trading Play Chips

Currently We Buy and Sell: PokerStars Play Chips using:

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PokerStars (PS) transfers, Play Chips Pokerstars Use with Care. If you complain to PS, they like to close accounts for trading as this is against their Authorized Use Policy (AUP).
We only use this method with our trusted Buyers and Sellers. To sell, you must be on our Sellers List.

Company Business checks,

PokerStars (PS) transfers.
PS does not like Traders and Traders keep reported, so PS closes traders real money accounts. Sellers and the Competition have caused this problem, and this is why we only work with our trusted sellers. Sign Up to get on our Sellers List. Thank You and good luck.

... and we can send PayPal (PP) Funds. However this is against PayPal policy. They will close your account if caught. Strict NO Gambling Policy. They were suited by the FED's and lost.


More States Moving Forward on Online, Home, and Social Poker (03/13/2013)

Last week, PPA Executive Director John Pappas traveled to California to meet with the state’s lawmakers regarding their push for Internet poker. While in Sacramento, Pappas also met with other leading stakeholders, including Indian tribes and state regulated card rooms, to discuss the prospects of legislation passing this year. Currently, the state has one full bill pending, SB 51, and a placeholder bill introduced as well. Read complete PPA update ...
Poker Player's Alliance.

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Buy PokerStars Play chips - Open our LIVE Help link and buy PokerStars chips using this feature. Any questions on how to buy pokerstars chips will be answered during live chat. The live chat session will stay open until the transaction is completed to your satisfaction. Buy PokerStars play money for your gaming fun and entertainment.

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